Monday, August 16, 2010

Please try this at home - How much is your tree worth?

Due to research that was conducted by the U.S. Forest Service there is now a quantifiable value that can be applied to the services provided by trees that are located next to your home or business. You can visit to easily determine the dollar value of the economic and environmental benefits provided by any tree in your yard.

At this new site, enter your zip code, find your tree from the dropdown list, then enter the diameter of your tree and the type of property (residential or commercial).

The results show the overall annual contribution of your tree in dollars. There is also a pie chart breaking this amount into the various services provided such as stormwater retention, energy savings, air quality improvement, CO2 sequestration and property value enhancement. There are also individual tabs that take you to any of these values for additional explanation.

This is only one of the great tools that is provided at the Arbor Day website!

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